Sustainable Water and Environment Research Group



2017-03-17 Sustainable Water and Environment Research Group

             The main research contents of the Sustainable Water and Environment Research Group was hydrological water resources, hydrological simulation, water environment disaster analysis, simulation and prediction, water pollution prevention and control. The leader of the group is Professor PingpingLuo. The main research fields of the group include simulation and construction of ecological hydrological model, analysis, simulation and prediction of water disaster, simulation and prediction of geological disasters, construction of paleohydrological model, sustainable water environment ecological management, development and application of environmental functional materials et. al..The group members have presided over and participated in a number of projects, such as the National Natural Science Fund project, international cooperation projects, and published dozens of papers in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Environmental Science & Policy, Computer & Geosciences, Chemosphere, Journal of Enviromental Monitoring and other international journals.

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